Acne Clarifying Cream




This Jojoba & herb based moisturizing cream is especially formulated for acne. Contains no lanolin or mineral oils that could clog the pores of the skin. Use morning and night after cleansing and toning. Use with Simply Emuzing Fruit Acid Exfoliation Cream on alternating days. Moisturizes and protects the skin while balancing the hormones. Reduces acne pimples and blemishes amazingly fast!Sizes/Info :70g

Remember: It’s what’s inside that counts…With the increasing awareness of potentially harmful chemical & synthetic ingredients used in health & beauty products, it became important to us to find a safer, more natural alternative. This is our focus, as we strive to provide a healthier alternative for our family and yours. We will try to keep you informed of any products that are not natural.

Canadian Made


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