About Emu Oil

Emu Oil:
We like to think of the pure emu oil, as a “First Aid in a Bottle”. The natural benefits of emu oil, and its wide range of uses, makes it a chosen preference by many people.

Who uses emu oil?
Stars such as Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith and Goldie Hawn supposedly swear by Emu Oil’s anti-aging properties.

Oprah Winfrey gave emu oil a great endorsement on her television show!

Emu oil is used by many athletes including runners, tri-athletes, those in the NBA, NFL, and Major League baseball teams, to name a few.

In 2003, claims were made that Paula Radcliffe owed her spectacular London Marathon success in part to the healing properties of Emu Oil. Emu Oil is a traditional remedy used by Aborigines to alleviate pain and speed healing – indeed , it was athlete Cathy Freedman, a gold medal winner at the Sydney Olympics, who introduced Emu Oil to Paula Radcliffe’s physical therapist, Gerard Hartman. When Radcliffe suffered severe injuries after being hit by a bike on a training run just five weeks before the marathon, Hartman ordered a supply of the oil for next day delivery after researching Emu Oil. Hartman’s worry was that if the wounds from her scraped shoulder and knees got crusty and hard, they would make it difficult for Paula to flex her knees properly. But the oil kept them soft, and definitely speeded up the healing process. Hartman applied the Emu Oil four or five times a day and in three weeks the wounds were healed. Articles were carried on this miracle at the time in the Daily Mail, the Times, Athletics Weekly, The Herald, Zest for Life and Muscle & Fitness amongst others.

Why Use Emu Oil for Natural Skin Care?

Emu oil won’t clog your pores:
One of the health benefits of emu oil is it won’t clog pores and cause acne. Some skin care products can aggravate acne and plug up pores. This natural oil is ‘pore-friendly’ and is non-comedogenic – it’s the perfect skin oil for people with dry skin and acne.

Emu oil is easily absorbed by your skin:
Emu oil has a low phosphorous content. Your skin rapidly absorbs emu oil for optimum health benefits. Put a drop on your skin and watch how fast your skin soaks it up. Some studies say emu oil can be absorbed as fast as 90 seconds.

Emu oil is hypo-allergenic:
Do you have very sensitive skin? Studies have shown that emu oil has almost the same fatty acid components as your skin. This makes it highly compatible to your skin and reduces the possibility of allergic reactions.

Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and provides pain relief:
Research has proven emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps reduce pain, swelling and stiffness in patients with arthritis. These patients were able to reduce the amount of pain medication when they used emu oil.

Animal studies performed in Asia showed emu oil decreased the level of inflammatory chemicals in the skin. It was proven to reduce swelling and seeping in burns and speed up healing times.