About Anti-Aging Cream

“Simply Emuzing Anti-aging Cream” delays cellular changes associated with aging skin, using powerful ingredients such as immortelle/everlasting essential oil. Used daily, a blushing youthful complexion can be maintained or restored indefinitely.

“Simply Emuzing Anti-aging Cream” contains plant based collagen which penetrates deep into the dermis and encourages a rich supply of new collagen to discourage wrinkles and discolorations. This cream counteracts the effects of sun damage and hormonal changes. New collagen fills up wrinkles and tightens skin giving it a new sheen and radiance restoring skin tone and elasticity. There is no burning, redness, peeling or increased sun sensitivity. Instead, skin feels moist, smooth and supple. This product is a winner for every skin type, even those with rosacea, sensitive or dry skin.

— a Luxurious Cream

“Simply Emuzing Anti-aging Cream” has a luxurious aromatherapy base cream that is very gentle on the skin. The cream contains a combination of essential oils, emu oil, organic shea butter, rosewater & emulsifier waxes derived from coconut & palm oils. Other ingredients such as avocado & apricot kernel oils have been added to make this cream one of the best anti-wrinkle creams. It’s more effective and gentle, than creams containing mineral oil or other substances that block skin pores.

— a Powerful Anti-Aging formula

To the aromatherapy base cream, powerful anti-aging ingredients were selected and added, including essential oils of immortelle/everlasting, frankincense, neroli, clary sage and myrrh. Additional ingredients include emu oil, borage seed, avocado, rosehip, calendula and olive oils, making this cream into a powerful combination to fight the ravages of aging skin.

Immortelle/Everlasting —Helichrysum Italicum
is the scientific name for a herb which grows in Italy & the Balkans. The form used is very potent in anti-aging products. It naturally combats the aging of skin. This herb has the therapeutic property of encouraging growth & regeneration of new skin cells, so is very helpful in fighting the ravages of aging. Its regenerating qualities assist in the healing of many skin conditions.

Other Ingredients in “Simply Emuzing Anti-aging Cream”

  • Plant Based Collagen (yeast derived extract trademarked as ‘pseudocollagen’), an ingredient that is contained in only the finest wrinkle creams on the market.
  • Organic Rose Hip oil (Rosa Mosqueta) is a rich source of essential fatty acids and is known for its healing properties. It is especially suited to treat damaged skin conditions such as burns, scars and stretch marks.
  • Calendula (Marigold) herbal extract in pure virgin olive oil for its healing & skin regenerating properties.
  • Borage Seed Oil is very rich in Omega-6 fatty acids which is responsible for making skin softer and more elastic, contributing to the skin’s youthfulness.
  • Frankincense has been used for thousands of years in Egypt for its rejuvenating & youth preserving properties, & restoring tone to slack skin.
  • Neroli oil has soothing & regenerating properties to enhance skin tone & is recommended for dry, damaged skin.
  • Clary Sage is known to be effective in wrinkle prevention.
  • Myrrh is rejuvenating, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, cooling & an astringent.
  • Emu Oil is needed for great absorption & has extra therapeutic benefits for the skin. It has great healing properties and is rich in essential fatty acids. Other wonderful oils include apricot kernel and avocado oil.

Ingredients in “Simple Emuzing” Anti-Aging Cream
purified water, rosewater, emu oil, apricot kernel oil; pseudocollagen (yeast extract); avocado oil, calendula oil, olive oil, shea butter, rosehip oil, borage oil; essential oils of frankincense, clary sage, immortelle (helichrysum italicum), neroli; natural emulsifiers – coconut & palm oils (cetyl stearyl alcohol) & natural preservatives – vitamin E oil, grapefruit seed extract, myrrh & heliozimt (hydrozimtalcohol).

Directions for using “Simply Emuzing” Anti-Aging Cream
Apply “Simply Emuzing Anti-aging Cream” after cleansing and toning. Massage a small amount into face & neck, in an upward motion. Use daily for best results. You will start noticing your complexion becoming smoother, more buoyant & youthful. With continued use, tell tale lines will be effectively reduced and wrinkles will soften and be much less noticeable.