About Us

We are a family owned and operated “emu farming” business. We started this business endeavour in 1995, because we were very interested in emu oil, and all the benefits it could offer to so many people. We raise our own emus and have the emu oil professionally rendered at a top North American facility which is USD certified. The processing technique uses no chemicals in their highly sophisticated filtering system, and produces a very impressive, high quality emu oil. You can be assured that you are getting top quality emu oil that is of great value! Our emu oil is 100% natural, with a small amount of vitamin E added during the processing, as a natural preservative.

We eventually decided to venture beyond emu oil and incorporate the oil into skin & hair products. Like so many people, we trusted that most products in the skin care industry must be safe, or how could they be on our store shelves? It was after lots of questions and personal research, that it became quite evident to us that this was not true. There are ingredients that are typically found in so many products, that are really a cause for concern as adults and children use them in their day to day lives. We decided that we wouldn’t want our families to use such products, and so could not sell it to others either! We at Tavistock Emus have worked with experts, to put together a line of products that is free of known harmful ingredients. We will make it our goal to keep informed of ingredients and procedures that seem to be changing so much in the industry. God has given our world so many incredible and effective plants and herbs, that should be used in products!. After all…it’s what’s inside that counts!